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International Nursery in Barcelona

English - Spanish - French (optional)

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Our nursery offers bilingual preschool program for children from 12 to 48 months, small groups.

Indoor Playground

A fully air conditioned indoor kiddie park in Zona Alta of Barcelona where small children can play freely with their parents or caretaker.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate birthday parties and themed parties for your children at our air conditioned indoor playground and ludoteca in Barcelona.


Each Week check our agenda for the workshops we offer you and your child!

Our Daycare

A big, open space in the heart of the city of Barcelona

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At Peek-A-Boo we have an all year open enrollment process for children from 12 to 36 months in small groups. Our innovative methodology is centered on early childhood education and creative development.

"To give your child the best of the best"

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The OPOL Method - One Person One Language

December 03, 2019

OPOL means that each person speaks a language to the child. Most of the time, with OPOL, everyone speaks in their mother tongue. However, parents who speak several languages ​​generally choose the one they feel most comfortable with, the language to which they are most emotionally attached.

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