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Playroom and playground, a multi-space design for the whole family

The trend of multi-spaces is consolidated in Barcelona with the opening of Peek a Boo: 250 m2 designed for children to play but also to learn and develop their creativity in a company of their parents and other children.

Peek a Boo works as a nursery in the mornings where you can leave your children with a care giver from 8 AM to 3 PM. Evenings (from 4 PM to 8 PM) and weekends the space opens as a playground where you can go to play with your children and friends for the price of 8 euros (only children have to pay). In addition the place can also be rented for celebrations such as birthday parties.

Taking advantage of the Christmas holidays we went to visit him and we had a great time. Upon entering, a sign on the door installs the rules of the game for both children and parents. Because the objective of this space is for children to enjoy, but always under the supervision of the responsible adult who will ensure that the child does not harm himself, does not harm another child and respects the material.

The design of the interior space is very pleasant, with noble materials and colors harmoniously combined. The zones revolve around a main play area where there is a huge slide and fun metallic tubes that function as sound phones.

From this circular room you can access services for perfectly adapted children.

We also have access to a fully padded room with a huge wall puzzle that seems ideal to stimulate the restless little hands of babies.

And of course to one of the key areas for Leo: the super kitchenette! with a market stall, shopping cart and all kinds of accessories so that they can have fun imitating the parents when they prepare the food.

One place that I loved was the "open bar" of Legos. It is a table prepared to hook all types of laymen (from the smallest to the largest) that you will find in an ingenious drawer hanging on the wall. Leo was happy taking out and putting pieces up on his stool.

Suddenly, with so much game, we got a lot of appetite and had to go to the cafeteria running to swallow a delicious bikini.

and there, discussing with Roberto about the origin of his family business, we had a very pleasant time. By the way. Do you know what Peek means to Boo?