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Peek A Boo Multilingual nursery in Barcelona

An International Nursery in Barcelona

Share, learn, create, play, experience, enjoy, taste… At Peek-A-Boo you can do all of this and more with your children. We manage a wonderful International Nursery for children 1-4 years who come from 15 nationalities.

After hours we open for children up to 7 years. Here you can experience the joy of playing with your kids, and watch them have a great time learning. It’s also a cozy and unique place to meet other families.

Peek-A-Boo was born of a dream to create a unique space in Barcelona that encourages creative learning, and where the whole family could share fun experiences together.

Come visit Peek-A-Boo, where you can feel like a kid again and kids can simply be…kids! We’ve thought of everything for a place where parents and children can make connections, create projects together, and unleash the fun! We also encourage you to share, talk, reflect, and be creative with other families.


A professional team, attentive and affectionate

The educational team at our preschool in Barcelona is made up of professionals with many years of experience, different ages, different abilities and skills in order to take care of your baby in the most respectful way.


Lucie, Owner and Manager of Peek A Boo nursery in Barcelona


Lucie is a 34-year-old French business school graduate who has been living in Barcelona since 2016 with her husband of Indian origin. She is an entrepreneur who is not afraid to face challenges.

Arriving in Barcelona she is pregnant and realizes that there is no international nursery compatible with her own culture as a multi-cultural expat. She feels the need for a place that brings together couples who come from many parts of the world, and raise children in multiple languages ​​in an alternative education centered on listening and respect. She buys Peek A Boo, which was about to close, to save the potential that the aesthetic space created by its former owners had to offer.

She has surrounded herself with a professional pedagogical team selected for their benevolence and emotional maturity. She is now proud of the work she has done and accompanies these children every day on the path of awakening their intelligence and autonomy.

After a short career in finance and management, Lucie had created a kitchen class workshop in 2011, and in 2012 a chain of French pastry bakeries in India, which are still in operation.


Marion, Pedagogical Director, Group P2

Marion is French and has been living in Barcelona for 5 years. She begins her third year at Peek A Boo.
She has been an early childhood educator for 13 years and has previously worked as an educator and co-director in France and England.

Marion is the pedagogical director of the nursery and the co-general Manager: She plans and coordinates the activities of the children of both groups, P1 and P2, selects and trains the educative team, advises management on educational issues, encourages meetings and organizes events with families.
She is also the tutor of the P2 class and speaks mainly English to children, but also in French with children whose parents wish.

She is very creative, organized and an excellent teacher. She is passionate about artistic activities that she sees as a real language and a necessity, especially at Peek A Boo where we welcome children from all over the world.


Vanessa - Educator Group P1

Vanessa is from Venezuela where she obtained a Master of early childhood education and has been in Spain for 5 years. He also has a Diploma of special educational needs since she specialized in working with autistic children.

She has been working with children since 2007 and entered as an educator in the nursery of Peek A Boo in September 2018.

Vanessa is amazed to see the progress in children's multilingual understanding after a short time of being exposed to the various languages ​​spoken in Peekaboo.


Dalia - Educator - Group P1

Dalia is the mother of 2 boys and 1 girl and the person responsible for putting music in the daily life of your little creatures.

She comes from Chile but lived 15 years in the United States. Now she has been in Barcelona for 3 years. In the United States she did a lot of social work and obtained a Master in Bilingual education. In Barcelona she was an art and music teacher in English at a school before coming to work at Peek A Boo in September 2018.

She always speaks in English to the children.

Every day she uses music and singing to facilitate the transitions of the day. On Wednesday everyone sings and dances with her and her guitar.


Iraia - Educator - Group P2

Iraia has been in Barcelona for 2 years and comes from the Basque Country where she has always worked with children.

She has a Master in Early Childhood Education and works with the P2 group since December 2018.

She spent 1 year living in Edinburgh and talks with the children in Spanish and English.

For her, the most important thing is to respect the children, to give them security and that they feel well during the day at the nursery.

Also, she loves to sing and dance with them.