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Peek A Boo Barcelona

What is Peek-A-Boo?

Share, learn, create, play, experience, enjoy, taste… At Peek-A-Boo you can do all of this and more with your children. Here you can experience the joy of playing with your kids, and watch them have a great time learning. It’s also a cozy and unique place to meet other families.

Peek-A-Boo was born of a dream to create a unique space in Barcelona that encourages creative learning, and where the whole family could share fun experiences together.

Come visit Peek-A-Boo, where you can feel like a kid again and kids can simply be…kids! We’ve thought of everything for a place where parents and children can make connections, create projects together, and unleash the fun! We also encourage you to share, talk, reflect, and be creative with other families.

Do it Together!

In Peek-A-Boo we offer a wonderful menu filled with healthy and delicious food; an open art space to encourage creativity that is always available; an interactive indoor playground; a library with carefully selected books for all ages, and a terrace where you can enjoy nature…

Peek-A-Boo is a world where you can learn, play, draw, create, motivate, jump, paint, laugh, snack, make friends, have parties, and enjoy!

Lucie Lucie is the owner and director of Peekaboo. She is in charge of the admin and and manages the nursery.

Marie Marie es la directora de los programas, y de la relacion clientes.