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international preschool and nursery in barcelona for children from 1 to 3 years old

English and Spanish speaking International Preschool and Day Care in Barcelona


We are one of the most international daycare centers in Barcelona

with 15 nationalities represented!

Besides these languages, we can also speak to the children in Catalan and French.

We follow an educative style based on contributions from Rudolf Steiner, Emmi Pikler, Maria Montessori, Ovide Decroly and Isabelle Fillozat about educational intervention as well as the concept of respectful education where kids play freely.

Steiner developed a spiritual movement which is based on the idea that a child's moral, spiritual and creative sides need as much attention as their intellect. Our space has dedicated areas for the educational experience as well as an interior playground for the exclusive use of the children.

Everything is taught with care and love as it is
the most important aspect of our philosophy.

Ratio of 6 to 8 children per adult.

Please note: Peek A Boo is a private center, it is not a center agreed by the local Generalitat. This means that there cannot be any tax cut on the total fee.